Monthly Archives: August 2011

Stolen identities

As soon as I met up with my super smart, soon-to-be diabetes doctor chick yesterday, my eyes darted to her chest like a magnet to a fridge. Seriously, it was worse than a 14-year-old boy gawking at the likes of Farrah Fawcett circa 1978. But the thing is, my eyes glued to her chest had nothing to do with her chest at all. It was what was sparkling in front of her chest that had stolen my stares. Tiffany!

That necklace is a neclace I have been coveting for months now, stalking it on the Tiffany website, seeing it around the necks of celebrities and models in magazines, and dreaming of it around my own neck one day. I may very well have had to wipe the drool from my face seeing it in the flesh!

Yesterday was the last date my diabetes doctor chick and I will be able to have for some time as she’s moving to Calgary this week for pre-med school 😦 When our friendship first started last winter, I was supposed to be the one giving her advice on how to handle her diabetes with running, but those roles were fast flipped. This girl has been such a wealth of information for me. Seriously, every time we’ve met I have walked away with new, and actually useful knowledge in my back pocket. And yesterday was no different.

We got to talking about my insanely high BG reading on Sunday post run, and she suggested it maybe wasn’t quite so high after all. She thought, maybe, I was actually dehydrated. Apparently dehydration can mirror high blood sugars. In both situations, the blood is super thick, and I guess because of that, dehydration can sometimes trick glucometres into thinking the BG has skyrocketed when it actually hasn’t. It was super hot out on Sunday, dehydration could be a valid explanation.

I’m not saying that’s actually what happened, my blood sugars could very well have been super high, but it is one possible reason to explain why I crashed as drastically as I had – especially when I rarely experience such extreme highs and lows like that, let alone twice in one day.

Instead of immediately doing a major BG correction that could result in a comatose low, my super smart, soon-to-be diabetes doctor chick suggested next time I get a high reading like that, and there is a possibility I could be dehydrated, drink a couple glasses of water first, wait a few minutes, then retest. That way, I’m less likely to over-bolus for a correction that may not be required.

Who knew?

Most definitely going to miss this super smart, super awesome, diabetes dictionary!