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Out with the old…

You can’t be loyal forever, not when it comes to shoes.

For close to three years my feet have been laced up in the white and neon green Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 shoes, a beautiful shoe, perfectly structured to fit my foot like Cinderella’s glass slipper fit hers. We spent hours traveling the roads together, sharing our wind-swept journeys, loving one another.

We ran Portland, the Oregon Coast, Toronto, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, and all over Vancouver and the Valley. And I was loyal, so loyal. I wouldn’t dare look at another shoe. She was my one and only; there was no thinking of others.

We shared laughter. We shared tears. We shared love.

But our love, so strong I would buy three pairs in one purchase, was not enough for Mizuno to sustain the shoe. Mizuno moved on from its Wave Inspire 6s, trading them in for a much lesser shoe, not my shoe. And so, that time has come, when I, too, must move on.

Out with the old…

In with the new.

Hopefully the new Asics 2000 will bring me as much enjoyment and appreciation (if not more) as my Mizunos once did.

No longer on my feet, but forever in my heart.