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Land of make belief

I’m leaving, on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again … actually yes I do. Tomorrow morning Mario and I will be hopping on a plane to visit my other moms and Mario’s sister and niece and nephew. And while I give Onterrible a hard time, because you know, it is terrible, it’s got two great things going for it right now: 1. Mario’s family who I do so love, and 2. The sun.

Seems ironic doesn’t it that I’m flying out east to catch some sun rays? It’s like we’re living in opposite land. The east is supposed to be cold, that’s where those Canadians who reside in igloos live, really, totally not kidding at all, it’s freezing out there, like freeze your nostrils cold. And the west is supposed to be warm. Sunshine and rainbows. Yes we get rain, but warm rain, not nine months of bitter, snap your fingers off cold, miserable, grey rain. It’s like winter this year is never ending. (A few luke warm days here and there don’t count.) So, I’m packing my skirts and dresses and cardigans, leaving the jacket at home (maybe) and going to bask in Onterrible’s 20+ sunshiny weather! Maybe not so terrible after all…

Yes, I am one of those packers … pack everything to ensure you don’t forget a thing!

While there, I’ll be running the Toronto Half next Sunday. People keep telling me to take it easy on that run given that I’ve got a full marathon just two weeks later and Sunday’s supposed to be a training run. I might listen to them, I really might, but I can’t promise anything. The second I see someone passing me, which would inevitably happen A LOT with my LSD pace, that competitive demon of mine might just dig his sabre teeth right into the backs of my calves forcing me to go a faster pace. I’m not to blame, it’s that sabre-toothed demons fault if I come in at race pace.

And because we are going to the land of make belief (make belief meaning a land with no Internet aside from my iPhone) the blog will be on hiatus until I return next Wednesday with a post race and post Onterrible recap. So dear blog friends, enjoy your week.