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Social media, yay or nay

“Have you ever thought about promoting your blog?”

That was the question posed to me by my super stylish NYC girlfriend – and fellow blogger – as we hustled down the boardwalk, trying to cover our bodies from the ice of the river wind. It’s not the first time I’ve heard such a question; my brother who’s all about marketing is often throwing ideas at me to get more from my writing than just the act of writing itself.

But the thing is, I’m pretty sure I’m the laziest blogger out there. Sure I post somewhat regularly, but that’s the easy part. I am a writer by trade after all. But keeping conversations moving on a blog-specific Facebook page and Twitter and elsewhere, that just seems like a whole lot of work. You can’t just upload your blogs to social media and hope for the best, you’ve got to engage your audience, get them excited, get them wanting more, ask questions, post statements, respond to questions and comments – and my gawd I already work a full time job!

And yet, I started this blog to get free stuff, which I have yet to achieve a year and a half in (sorry guys, it wasn’t actually for the betterment of diabetic kind) and I love when I get a spike in readership, and I love comments – which I’m thinking better promotion would get me more of.

What do you think? Should I go all social media and be a Twitter and Facebook fiend, or am I good as is?

My super stylish NYC girlfriend and her husband “MacGyver” (both of who are now vagabond truck drivers) were in town for the weekend and a dinner date was to be had. We decided to head down the Quay and check out Wild Rice, a new Chinese fusion restaurant. Mario and I don’t generally eat Chinese, and by generally, I mean ever, but we figured we’d give it a go as it seemed more upper class than your typical MSG-filled Chinese fare.

We left the family style ordering to the New Yorkers who are well versed in such skills. My super stylish NYC girlfriend asked just one question: “Are you willing to try new things?” And as soon as we gave the affirmative nod, she went to town. Oh did she ever. I’m pretty sure we ordered half that menu!

Thank heavens for phones with flashlights when menu fonts are WAY too small!

The restaurant was nice, the food was tasty, and the view of the river lit up by the twinkly lights outside the wall-to-wall windows was beautiful. Mind you, the restaurant was a little out of place for New West with its style and menu prices. The bill for the four of us was $160 – and that’s without any alcohol! (The liquor license wasn’t in place yet.) And on top of that, if we had drove, we would have had to pay for parking. Ouch!

Still, there were several things on the menu I  enjoyed like the seared albacore tuna and shrimp toast, and really only two things I wouldn’t order again, the tofu somethingorother and salmon cakes.

Shrimp toast, yum!

MacGyver is anonymous on Life With No Fixed Address, so he’s anonymous on POP too 😀

The only real drawback I had with the meal had nothing to do with the food but everything to do with dear diabetes. Because I don’t eat Chinese food, or anything similar to it, I had no idea how many carbs to calculate for my insulin dose. So, I went with my trusty number 60 and hoped for the best. The best, however, was not the best. A low BG slugged me in the middle of the night. Aargh!