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Injury update: IT’S NOT THE GROIN!!!

It’s not the groin! It’s not the groin! It’s not the groin! If I could do a Carleton happy dance right now, that’s exactly what I’d be doing.

After receiving a frantic, Holy crap, I think I need a pelvis transplant email from me this morning, Dear Physio squeezed me in for an appointment this afternoon. He asked me where the pain was, and how exactly I thought it happened. I told him about my long run, and about the half roll of my ankle. He then asked, with a smile on his face, how much time I’d been spending on Holly Goquickly lately.

Turns out my injury was not a running injury, but rather a cycling injury. The injury was also not a groin injury, but rather a messed up, twisted sacrum injury.

(Note: A message from Coach NZ this morning also indicated it could be a cycling related injury… smart girl that one!)

I got a bit of an anatomy lesson in Dear Physio’s office… seriously, I felt like I was in a lecture hall, and he was the instructor pointing out the different parts of the pelvis and explaining their role in the body. It was awesome! (I think he does it to show me just how un-smart Google Doctor can be ;))


So, from what I was able to gather, the long hours on the bike put massive pressure on my sacrum twisting it all out of shape. The twisted sacrum then proceeded to mess with the muscles (?) around my pelvic joints, and once those were messed up, the muscles didn’t know what the heck their roles were anymore, and essentially they became lazy, useless, painful blobs. To show me just how lazy they were, Dear Physio had me hold my leg up in a specific way and told me to hold it in place while he pushed down on it. I’d love to say I executed that with flying colours, but no, I had no power, nothing. Both legs went down in a heartbeat!

However, a few pokes, prods, painful digging, and other such torturous remedies on my buttocks, back (the twistedness traveled all the way up my back!) and groin area had me and my muscles back in control. Dear Physio did the leg test again and I held those legs up good and strong! I also noticed in the process – and exclaimed rather loudly – that Holy smokes! Look at those thigh muscles – they’re solid!” 😀

I swear to you, INSTANTLY, one side of my pelvis no longer had that tight ache, and while the other side did,  Dear Physio assured me it wouldn’t be long before that ache dissipated as well. He did, however, suggest I not run Friday, just to give it a day or two to recover, but said I should be good to go by Sunday.

Wahoo! Cue the happy dance folks 😀