Welcome to sucksville

You know what sucks…
Waking up at 5 am for a run, and not being able to run.

You know what sucks…
Squeezing into a sports bra, which, seriously, is no easy task, all for naught.

You know what sucks…
Fueling up for a run, but not actually running.

You know what sucks…
Spending a whole week icing, Advilling, stretching, foam rolling, being a good little injured runner, and yet, seeing hardly any positive steps towards healing.

You know what sucks…
Running 200 meters only to be struck down by the feeling of hammers ferociously pounding down on your pelvis.

You know what sucks…
The memories of not being able to walk a week prior instilling the fear of the running gods in you and stopping you dead in your tracks.

You know what sucks…
Sitting on a bench at 5:30 in the morning frantically sending worried emails to your coach and physio, looking so forlorn even the family of ducks sauntering across the boardwalk look at you with pity in their eyes.

You know what sucks…
Doing everything right and still being struck by injury.

You know what sucks…
Being that one person to prove all the cycling enthusiasts wrong and actually get injured on the bike, something they all told me – multiple times! – would not happen.

You know what sucks…
Being a runner with a cycling injury.

You know what sucks…

3 responses to “Welcome to sucksville

  1. =( that really does suck… and of course people get injured on a bike. Shake your fingers at all those who led you astray! shame on them!

    Hope you heal ASAP =(

  2. All of that really sucks!! I really do feel for you. I hope your healing is quick!

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