15 months: Oh, the places you’ll go!

Oh child,

That look you give me, you know the one…

The one where you’re about to open a drawer that’s off limits, or you’re about to climb from your chair up onto the desk, or up the book shelf for that matter…

The one where you’ve spotted papsy’s remote, or mama’s book, or the keyboard – all within speed crawling reach…

The one where mama keeps screwing up what you want no matter how many times you point and say dat. Dat! Dat! Dat! …

The one where papsy doesn’t give you a bath right after dinner, or where mama doesn’t grab for your night-time book as soon as your pajamas have been zipped up…

The one where you put a clean diaper, or a dirty dinner plate, or a book on your head and say “HAT!”

The one where you’ve just stood up so determined to toddle the entire length of the condo, or to reach for the special books atop your dresser, or to grow just one more inch so you can open the bathroom door…

The one where you walk those shaky steps to mama, arms stretched out as wide as they’ll go, and collapse full body in, awww sound effects and all…

The one, every single one of them, that says, Mama, I may drive you batty at times, but I love you just the same…

Today: 15 months of Little Ring love.

Safety first 😀


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