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Competitive juices boiling

So you know how I said in my last post that I wasn’t affected by having to walk Run for Water? Well, I wasn’t at the event itself, but I was the next day – when I started looking at the times of people I knew who actively ran the varying courses. I saw good times, great times, unbelievable times. And you know what, the competitive juices in my belly instantly began to boil.

I want to be fast. Super. Princess. Fast. I don’t just want to run the runs anymore, I want to kick their asses and have a blast doing it. So, where do I go from here?

Well, me and my pregnant belly we will continue what we’re doing currently, but come three or so months from now (people keep saying I’m gonna need recovery time after thumb-sucking alien baby arrives, but I’m taking that advice with a grain of salt ;)) there will be a plan in place. I don’t know what that plan will look like, or how I’ll achieve it, but hear me now, I will be faster – some way, some how, come hell or high water, my legs will take me on the fastest adventure I’ve ever been on.

These were good races, but I want to be faster!

I have a feeling there could be a coach in my future 😀

The Running Room program can only take you so far, and I’ve tried doing it on my own, and while I did increase my times quite nicely, they’re still not fast enough. And I know the value of the Running Room is that it’s not overly expensive, but the thing is, for me, it’s high time I elevate my running status.

I know it’s not gonna be cheap, not by any means, and it could be frustrating as hell finding the perfect coach and training program to suit my needs, but in the long run I truly believe it will so be worth the cost and the effort. Take Big Ring for example. Last year he purchased his Lapierre, his sexy French mistress that set him back more than $5,000, but that he thoroughly loves to look at and longs to ride. This is my new bike. This is my Lapierre.


  • My fastest 5 km time is 27:18:00. I want to be 25:00:00
  • My fastest 10 km time is 56:01:00. I want to be 53:00:00
  • My fastest half marathon time is 2:00:24. I want to break two hours.
  • My fastest marathon time is: 4:44:24. I want to be 4:15:00.

I don’t know if those times are realistic, but I do know they are times that are giving me a goal to look towards, to get excited about, to drive me forward – like the lightening rod speed of Usain Bolt!

Plus, I can’t possibly let my Big Brother beat me now can I? And believe you me, he will try. This is the text he sent me after my last post:

But we’re not competitive in my family, nooo 😀


2011: a princess perfect year

2011 was a year full of personal bests, discoveries, and lots of laughter; a great one indeed. And it started with a bang.

January: Resolution Run

While most were sleeping away hangovers on the morning of Jan. 1, I was up early racing against myself in the Running Room’s 5 km Resolution Run; I won. I crossed the finish line with a personal best that shaved a good 2 minutes 38 seconds off my previous 5k PB.

It was the first of four personal bests this year. While training for my second marathon, Run for Water, which was at the end of May, I clocked in a two-hour, 24-second half marathon time at the Good Life Fitness Toronto Half in the middle of May, cutting my previous half time by nearly 4 minutes. Two weeks later I finished Run for Water with a time of 4:44:24; not quite the time I wanted, but 10 minutes and 17 seconds faster than my first marathon time 7 months earlier. I also scored a PB up the Grouse Grind in July, completing in 55 minutes and 20 seconds!

May: Good Life Fitness Toronto Half

May: Run for Water Marathon

It wasn’t all glory though. Early in the year my running was put on hold after bone scans showed stress fractures in both ankles. As a result, my favourite ironchickie forced me to silence my pool germ fears in order to reap the benefits of aqua jogging (which we later renamed aqua running), of which there were plenty. Post-injury, my tempo runs and races were way speedier than pre-injury!

In addition to stress fractures, I was also attacked by butt bursitis, knee bursitis and misalignment of my legs – at the cost of more than $3,000 worth of physiotherapy, massage therapy, and active release therapy visits. Oh joy.

March: Physiotherapy

When I wasn’t sidelined by injury, I was taking on challenges by “non-runners.” The day of the Resolution Run, Big Ring announced he could do that run no problem, and in fact bet me that he could kick my butt doing it. Never one to back down from a challenge, I set down the wager. We were to race the 2012 Resolution Run. If he won, I’d cook dinner for a year. If I won, he’d cook dinner all year, which he pretty much already does 😉 [Note: That challenge has been postponed.]

Big brother also challenged me to a race, a 10 km race, one he too was sure he could beat. “I’m going to kick your ass,” he laughed. On June 10, five days after my birthday, seven days after his, I proved him wrong. Happy Birthday to me! 😀

June: Police Challenge 10 km

On the diabetes front, it’s still there, I still have it, no cure was proclaimed – not as yet at least… maybe 2012 😉

As 2011 counts itself down, I leave you with my favourite picture of the year. Happy New Year friends. May your 2012 be filled with love and laughter, challenges and competitions, health and happiness, and special, special people. These, including the man behind the camera, are mine:

2011: Love!