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Pop goes the shoulder

Hello pavement, meet my face…

If it wasn’t so shocking or so extremely painful, I might have actually been laughing. We were on the homeward stretch of our 5 km evening run, about a kilometre away from completion, we were talking, I was feeling good, my calves were as loose as a wet noodle, I was getting ready to surge forward. And then… Big Ring had said something, but I couldn’t hear him, so I looked back in his direction, and by the time I had repositioned my head forward, it was too late. The toe of my shoe had fumbled over an elevated piece of cement and I was going down. Oh crud.

Bad pavement! Bad! Bad! Bad!

I had two choices: Put my hands flat down for support and risk breaking my wrist again, or go into an all out dive. I chose the latter. With my arms outstretched as far as they would go and my face getting up close and personal with the pavement (seriously, I would have made my former softball coach proud with that sliding dive) all I could think was oh crap, my face is going to be mangled … that is, until I felt the pull, the pop, and the sudden throb in my shoulder. Oh freaking crud.

I laid there for what seemed like minutes, but was only seconds, stunned. I didn’t think I could move. The throbbing in my arm was so unbearable, I thought I was going to puke. Big Ring helped me up into a sitting position, where I stayed for another few minutes before mustering up the courage to get up and start walking. The pain grew worse.

When Big Ring suggested we go to the hospital, that’s when the waterworks started. I have a hate-hate relationship with hospitals. I have spent far too much time in them, and generally not for good reasons. And the hospital in my town, I have an especially large hate on for. But when the mere act of lifting a fork up with my right arm proved too difficult, I succumbed.

Three and a half hours later in the scuzziest hospital possible, with gangsters and their molls, drunkards and drug fiends, police escorts, a dude wearing a tuxedo shirt, and a chick not wearing shoes or socks playing with her toes right next to me (are you freaking kidding me???) I was diagnosed with not a separated shoulder as was initially expected, but with a sprained rotator cuff complete with pulled tendons. Oh joy.

Okay, seriously, where the hell is McDreamy?

But hey, my face didn’t get mangled. Despite feeling like my chin was spewing out blood from major road rash, not one drop of blood was lost – not even evidence of a scrape. So that’s a positive 😀

The doc told me I wouldn’t be able to drive for a week (gimped right arm + stick shift = bad combination) and that I should look into physio, to which I smiled thinking no way in hell. At the start of this year, I made a pact with myself – no more spending thousands of dollars on physiotherapy. And a sore shoulder, that was not separated, was not going to break that pact.

I didn’t go to work yesterday, but as the day progressed, I started getting more mobility in my arm. So today, I did go to work. And let me just say, if you were on the same roads as me this morning, I apologize for the fear I may have imposed upon you. Shifting from second to third and from third to second was a little more difficult than I had anticipated – it required two hands! Eek!

Two days post fall, my body feels more like I’ve been in a car accident than anything else. My shoulder is getting better. I’m doing regular arm stir exercises. I’m getting more mobility. And I’m sure by the end of the weekend, I’ll be pain free… I hope!

Oh. My. McDreamy.

I did what you told me moms, I envisioned it, I dreamed it, I pictured it real hard, and you know what, it actually worked. Me and McDreamy. Ahhhh sigh.

The day before the Levi Leipheimer Gran Fondo, Mario and I headed into Santa Rosa to pick up his race packet at the Finley Centre and to explore the expo. While Mario had his eyes peeled for cycling deals and cycling treats, I had mine peeled for dreamy cyclists 😀

Found me a team truck, now all I needed was to find me a Levi.

There wasn’t a whole heck of a lot going on for either of us. We were in and out of the registration area in less than an hour. Feeling a little disappointed (more so on my end) we headed for the exits. On the way out, Mario caught a sign telling us that Levi would be back at 3 meeting people and signing whatever they wanted him to sign. The thing is, I’m not so huge on standing in lines, I’d much prefer the meeting of the sexy cyclists to be more happenstance than staged you know, but for my husband I would suffer that line 😉

Back at the Finley Centre a couple hours later, we joined the line. I could see the tip of Levi’s hat and could feel the butterflies in my belly gathering. For six years, I’ve watched this man (along with Lance and my dear sweet Andy, and Mark Cavendish, Oh. My. Mark) climb mountains, pedal across beautiful terrain, speed into the finish, even break limbs. And as many of you know, I’ve grown rather, uhm, fond of a few of them. (See above) And while I’ve watched them for years, and got passed by Mark Cavendish after his pee test at the Giro D’Italia a few years ago, Levi would be the first one I ever got up close and personal with. Hello butterflies.

But before we could even move three steps ahead, Mario started nudging my arm. A blossom of chocolate brown with sprinkles of salt had just filled his eyes. Hey! Hey! Hey! he whisper shouted. I turned my head. Is that Patrick Dempsey? The guy’s back was turned. All we could see were those unmistakable dark, bushy curls sticking out from under his bike helmet and his red and white specialized jersey. A guy and two girls were circling him, no one else. I craned my head, focused my eyes, OH. MY. McDREAMY. And I was off.

Do you see that? His hand, on my back. Heaven!

After my McDreamy drool fest, we were back in the line for Levi. A couple of the people ahead of us had asked him to take his sunglasses off for their pictures, but I was not going to be quite so demanding. Oh no.

See, I find Levi way more sexy with his sunglasses on rather than off. So when I got up to him, and he started taking them off, I said, Oh you don’t need to take those off, you can leave them on, I don’t mind. Well, then he goes on to tell me about how his eyes are soooooo blue and that they’re super sensitive to the light, and so he had to have his sunglasses on earlier when the light was stronger otherwise he’d be squinting for photos, but that it was okay for him to take them off now, and that he would do that just for me. Well crud, what the heck was I supposed to say after that? “Uh, actually Mr. Levi, I think you’re kinda way sexier with them on, so do you mind putting them back on?” Nope, couldn’t do it.

His eyes really are quite a spectacular blue, I got me a close-up view 😀

And wouldn’t you know it, after McDreamy and McBlueeyes, I was so flustered, with shaking hands and a rapidly contracting heart, I almost didn’t even notice I was in the vicinity of even more super celebs: Linus, Snoopy, Lucy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang.

Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz lived the last 30 years of his life in Santa Rosa, where now there’s a Charlie Brown Museum and Research Centre.


  • 8:30 p.m. BG before: 5.6 (two biscuits, no bolus)
  • Temp. basal: -100 per cent (1 hour)
  • Time: 45 minutes (episode of Grey’s Anatomy)
  • 9:30 p.m. BG after: 6.2
  • Temp. basal: +50 per cent (1 hour)

Do you have a favourite Peanuts character? Mine’s Linus … what can I say, I was a major thumb sucker 😀

In the name of Lance

Labour Day weekend is one of my most favourite long weekends. The sun is almost always shining, Mario and I almost always go for a ride, and there’s almost always ice cream, sorbetto, and chocolate involved.

This year’s Labour Day did not disappoint. We had ice cream and sorbetto galore, a long ride through the best parts of Vancouver, a warm, late-night, outdoorsy dinner with great friends, a leisurely walk along False Creek, and an impromptu shopping spree in Yaletown that involved new oxford heels (on sale!) and a new pretty girl felt hat, circa 1920s, with the style code: Princess. How serendipitous 😀

If you are to listen to one thing I say, listen to this: Go and get one of these ice cream bars, preferably the lemon-basil flavour. Oh. My. Goodness. Heaven … also known as Chocolate Arts.

I also registered for the Levi Leipheimer Gran Fondo this weekend – in a volunteering capacity, that is. (No way in hell you would get me riding 160 kilometes in one day!) Even before I signed Mario up for this ride back in January, I had my eyes set on volunteering for the gig, not so much to give back, but more so in fulfilling a love-struck dream of being on Levi Leipheimer’s or McDreamy’s or even Lance’s detail (Hey! You never know!) And so I had kept my eyes posted for months, regularly hounding the organizers for updates. When I received notification last Monday that registration would finally open on Friday, I made a mental note: Do not forget. I FORGOT!!!

Didn’t remember until Saturday morning and by that time the VIP tent was already full 😦 So, I opted for the next best thing: bike marshaling from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. And given that Lance and Levi are super duper fast they’re sure to swing their bikes by during that time, so I’ll have a drool moment yet 😀 And my shift will be done before Mario crosses the finish line, so I’ll be able to cheer my voice hoarse for him as well. A good day indeed.

Oh yes please 😉

How did you spend your Labour Day long weekend?