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The lasts

Hallelujah, my friends, we have entered the week of the lasts. The last pregnancy related appointments I will ever have to endure. Wahoo… I mean, I’m so sad this is ending… note the sarcasm 😉

1. Blood work: After two years of monthly blood work, which involved more than one year prior to getting pregnant to ensure my blood sugars were perfect pre-conception, and then nine months of once-a-month tests to ensure BG perfection throughout the pregnancy, I held my pin cushion of an arm out for the pretty little vampires one last time last Monday.

When you get blood work done this much, you learn which labs are the quickest and which ones have the best (and by best I mean least painful) blood suckers on staff.

2. Diabetes in pregnancy clinic: Last Tuesday was the last time I will ever step foot in that god-forsaken, numb-skull driven place again. When you have a nurse who works in a pregnancy in diabetes clinic who asks if you might be pregnant – one month after regularly going there! – and when you’ve got an evil hag of a dietitian who makes you want to go and vomit every time you eat, I’m thinking you got a problem.

Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!

3. Eye exams: Each trimester of this pregnancy I have required an eye exam to ensure the pregnancy hormones and pregnancy blood sugars haven’t caused diabetic damage to my eyes. And you know, I figured, given that I had to endure those blinding eye drops, the eye gods could have done me a solid and granted me my wish of finally being sentenced to a life of eye glasses (when a girl looks as great as I do in glasses, she should NOT be deprived!) but nooooo, the eyes continued to be the epitome of sight perfection.

Not even pregnancy could mess with my sight 😦

4. Non-stress test: As of Monday, the one-and-a-half months of twice-a-week non-stress tests, which at times were actually quite stressful, were no more.

We aced those tests kid 😀

5. Obstetrician: Today, I went in for my last obstetrician appointment, which means no more freaking the crap out of me, no more poking and prodding, and other evil things to me (in the office that is) and no more peeing all over my hands. Oh happy day.

This book in the obstetrician’s office always made me laugh, but nine times out of 10, I left not feeling like a hot mama.

6. DINKs: Tonight could very well be the last night Big Ring and I are a Dual Income No Kid family.

Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!

The reason for the lasts: My due date is Sept. 20. It was suspected I’d be induced around Sept. 6 (the day before my grandpa’s birthday; the most amazing man I ever knew). But following the results of my last ultrasound last Thursday, which showed a long-legged, pot-bellied, eight-pounder with a highly visible “layer of fat,” it was decided I’d be induced on Monday. Labour Day (how appropriate!). But today, that all changed. After complaining of an incessantly itchy belly last week, I was sent for some blood work, and it turns out my liver enzymes have elevated (yet another pregnancy side effect I’ve been plagued with) and they figured it would be best if we start the process sooner rather than later.

Cue the freak-out session!

32 weeks: Non-stress my butt!

These are my Thursday tidbits:

1. If you haven’t already voted for Big Ring and I in the Bikestyle Tours bike room contest, please do. It’s for a good cause; Big Ring has a never-ending need for new cycling gear and a desire for new cycling shades. And seriously, how can you not vote for this totally awesome getup that Big Ring had designed. (For the back story on this photo, click the link: Le Tour de Loft) Just 3 days left for voting!

To vote for Big Ring, click: VOTE FOR BIG RING!

2. This week, because of Dear Diabetes, I had to start going in for non-stress tests to check on the baby’s heart rate and movement; something I’ll have to do twice a week until baby is born.

And it turns out my little thumb-sucker is a tad on the stubborn side. I swear 90 per cent of the day, this kid is super active – jumping, kicking, summersaults, backflips, the worm… – but then when I need it to be active, he or she decides to take a wee little nap!  Mind you, the charts still showed my little alien with a perfect little heart that beat anywhere from 118 bpm to 147 bpm, which apparently is good. They like the fluctuations, the nurse told me, it’s the “flatlining” babies they worry about.

But seriously, they should rename non-stress tests, super stress tests. After our first appointment, I had to book a series of appointments, and it’s as though these people either think you don’t work or you shouldn’t be working. They expect you to be super flexible, and yet they’re not super flexible. It took 30 minutes to book all the appointments, squeezing them in between my diabetes and pregnancy clinic appointments, obstetrician appointments, ultrasounds, and work. At one point, I looked at the receptionist and said “I thought this was supposed to be non-stress?”

3. Hey moms, does this look somewhat familiar?

Back in the day, when I was first diagnosed with type-1, Children’s Hospital gave my parents a white container in the shape of a half moon that would somehow latch onto the toilet seat for easy pee collection to test for ketones and such – they coined it the cowboy hat. And even though this cardboard replica is much smaller, and does not latch onto the toilet, it reminded me of them old cowboy hat days – and it too was great in the prevention of peeing all over my hands, which happens much too often these days!

4. Speaking of Children’s Hospital, a place I spent many days and nights in during my youth and the only hospital I have ever stayed in that I haven’t held a grudge against, today was Miracle Treat Day. For every DQ blizzard sold, $1 went to Children’s Hospital. How could I not support the cause 😀

So uhm, that container there, that was the equivalent of two meals worth of carbs – and worth every last delectable bite!

5. Breast-feeding classes really need to come up with better-looking breasts than this:

I was trying to take the whole thing seriously, trying to pay attention, but when I got a creepy looking baby doll in one hand and a knitted lop-sided boob in the other, I was pretty much a lost cause for this class! Yep, I’m mature 😉