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2013: the year I get my feet back

2012: There were no sun-drenched long runs, no personal bests, no races, in fact, there was hardly any running at all. And yet, it was a year I shall cherish for always.

It was the second week of January (the day after Big Ring’s birthday) that we found out (while running!) we had a little thumb-sucking alien baby growing in my belly. I had vowed to keep up with my running, and was sure I’d be able to run the 5 km Run for Water in May, and the first Starbucks Women’s Run in June, but unfortunately my body and blood sugars had other ideas. By mid March, I had retired my running shoes to the closet, in favour of hiking and walking shoes.

Clockwise: Starbucks (WALK) for Women in June; hiking Lynn Valley in May; retiring my running sneakers in March.

It was a year full of all-day nausea, every nasty pregnancy side effect imaginable (seriously, I could make a book that would for sure get teens to practice abstinence!), weekly doctor and dietitian frustrations, strict guidelines and rules, worries and anxieties, butterflies and wonderings. And I wouldn’t change it for a second.

It was the year my thumb-sucking alien baby became my real life Little Ring. Huge hearts!

Apparently this is what my boys do when I’m slogging away at chemistry 🙂

And now, with 2012 gone, it’s time to look ahead to 2013: the year I get my feet back.

Remember this?


Or how about this?


I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this one with me trailing behind, but take note, it was taken within the first minute of the run 🙂


Well folks, it seems Big Brother wants another crack at me. And if that’s not motivation to get my stubborn feets back in tip top shape, I don’t know what is. Bring it on Big Brother. Hehe 😉

The silver diaversary

Twenty five years. Wow. That’s most definitely worthy of a Tiffany’s bracelet, don’t you think … say, one that looks like this 😀

I still remember it as though it were yesterday. It was my sister’s 18th birthday, and I was super excited for the black forest cake (her favourite) we’d surely be having later that day. What kid with a sweet tooth like mine wouldn’t be excited?

But first, I had a doctor’s appointment. I’d been dealing with a nasty flu virus that just wouldn’t go away. Everyone else in my family had had the same virus, so my parents didn’t think much of it – at first – and given that I’d always been a sick kid, the fact it was taking me longer to overcome the flu nasties was no big deal – at first – but I was losing a lot of weight, I was skin-and-bones, and yet, I was eating and drinking like crazy! As the story goes, I ate half a roast and drank a jug of lime Kool-Aid in one sitting while looking like a malnourished Ethiopian kid! It soon became apparent something was most definitely not right.

My parents were both at work that day and so my uncles offered to drive me to my mom’s office in the community next over. They loaded me into the back seat of the car, and we were off. Not even five minutes in, though, we made a pit stop at the side of the road for one of my uncles to, ahem, relieve himself (hey, I lived in the country, this stuff happened). And because my doctor’s appointment wasn’t until later in the afternoon,  my uncles decided we’d make a second stop at my auntie’s who happened to be hosting an afternoon barbecue.

As soon as we got there, I flopped onto the couch in front of the TV. My body felt heavy, my eyes were droopy, I was tired, oh man, was I ever tired. There were people around, chatting, laughing, running in and out of the house, but I could barely lift my head to acknowledge their existence. My auntie (one of the best bakers EVER) swung out from the kitchen with a plate full of sweet treats in her hands. There were cookies, beautiful looking cookies, cookies I would have snatched up in a heartbeat in past outings, but that day, I looked at them, longing for one, desperately wanting one, but knowing my belly would not sustain one. With the saddest puppy dog eyes I could muster, I shamefully shook my head.

Maybe something in me already knew my sweet life would forever be changed that day, maybe it was preparing me for the restrictions that would soon come my way, maybe it was just being damn evil, I don’t know, but to this day, 25 years later, I am still bitter as hell for not taking that last cookie, essentially my last supper – pre-diabetes.

Children’s became like a second home…

Today is the 25th anniversary – diaversary if you will – of me being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I wasn’t sure if I should celebrate the milestone or punch and kick the walls in absolute fury of being dealt this hand. Twenty years ago, I rebelled against this disease. Fifteen years ago, I feared I wouldn’t survive this disease. Ten years ago, I for sure would have thrown an epic tantrum at having this disease. Today, while it still pisses me off to no end that I never got that cookie and that I never had that beloved slice of black forest cake (even though there have been many others since … thank goodness the once stringent rules of diabetes have grown slack over the years) I am still proud of what I’ve overcome and done with this disease.

But no, I will not celebrate this disease, not today, not any day. Today, I celebrate my big sister, who I love to the moon and back, and whose birthday I stole 25 years ago. So Jules, I think it’s high time we go have that cake, don’t you 😀

Clockwise from top: My sister and I on opposing dragon boating teams; Jules overcoming her fears and ziplining (next to me) at Grouse for my bachelorette party; 1987, the summer I was diagnosed.

And this is my big sis cheering me on and chasing after me at the 34 km mark of last year’s Run for Water marathon, which makes me giggle every time I see it 😀

To read about my last year’s diaversary, click the link: Happy – uhm – anniversary

Run for Water: one year later

Oh how a year can change. This time last year I was cursing myself for signing up for the marathon, for torturing myself once again in something I didn’t quite enjoy the first time around. And this year, well, I wasn’t a marathoner, wasn’t a half marathoner, wasn’t even a runner. I was a 5k walker.

We couldn’t let alien thumb sucker’s debut on the racing circuit go unnoticed now could we?

One of the first questions Big Ring asked of me after I had crossed the finish line of today’s Run for Water was “How hard was it for you not to run?” It was a question my walking partner had also asked of me along the route. And you know, had I been on my own, trying to get through those 5 kilometres solo, it would have probably killed me. I mean, just seeing all the fair-weather runners out these days, and seeing all my running peeps pictures posted on Facebook is causing great pangs of envy in my belly.

But today, it wasn’t like that , those thoughts didn’t even cross my mind – all thanks to my favourite walking peeps. With my beautiful sister-in-law by my side (who also happens to be one of my most favourite people in the world AND my in-the-know pregnancy chick too!) as well as my super cute nephews Lightening Bolt and Spider Roan bringing smiles to my face every step of the way, the event for me became a catch-up stroll around the lake. Something my sister-in-law and I used to love to do back in the early days of hers and my big brother’s courtship.

Lightening Bolt leading the way!

It also brought a smile to my face knowing that this event is probably the only time my Big Brother, who ran ahead of us with my other nephew as soon as we crossed the start line, would finish first. Oh yeah Big Brother, I’m laying the gauntlet down. You got your glory today, but once alien thumb sucker is out, let the race begin! You’re going down 😉

Okay seriously, this picture melts me!

While the event didn’t necessarily have a negative effect on me, the excitement for Big Ring was lost. He and a buddy came out to cheer me on this morning, before going out on a 102 km ride. I don’t know if it was the time it took for us to cross the finish line, or the lack of nerves and excitement bubbling out of me, but Big Ring couldn’t help but long for those days of my running yore. Don’t worry Big Ring, I’ll be back soon enough.

Waiting… Waiting… Waiting…

And to cap the day, I was able to watch my favourite running chick cross the finish line of her very first marathon – with a beautiful smile on her face. So freaking proud of that chick, oh man.

I also witnessed Evil Pace Bunny crossing the finish line. Remember him? Well, we may have to rename him Evil – INSANE – Pace Bunny. This guy, ran an ultra marathon on Saturday (in super hot temperatures I might add) and then this morning went out and did the marathon. But he didn’t just do the marathon, didn’t take it easy, make it an LSD run, oh no, EPB crossed the finish line in 3:49:02 – with that evil, freaking smile plastered to his face! Like I said: Insane. Evil.

A well-deserved piece of pizza indeed!

And congrats to all my other running peeps who rocked the 5k, 10k, half and full marathons today!

Road races, mud races, cycle climbs, tris, oh my

Following yesterday’s post, the goals have been streaming in at a steady pace. Some suggestions have included running the Vancouver BMO marathon/half; participating in Whistler’s Tough Mudder (I like mud :D); doing Run for Water again; racing alongside one of my most favourite diabetics (next to me of course); training for a triathlon; riding up Burnaby Mountain; riding up Mt. Seymour…

And I’m feeling the inspiration, like really starting to feel it, but I’m not quite there yet. So please, if you have any kind of suggestion, anything at all, please fire it my way. Something is bound to catch my fancy!

In the meantime, check out my photo year in review that I meant to post with my wordy year in review, but had a few iMovie glitches. Better late than never right 😀

And if you want a real treat, go over to Big Ring’s blog and check out his first video production of his recent mountain biking adventure with the Garmin camera I got him for Christmas. I think he did an awesome job… but then again, I might be biased. The link to the video is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.

You say you want a revolution…

A resolution you will not get out of me today, nor yesterday – I don’t believe in them. I don’t like disappointment especially by my own hand, and resolutions (from my perspective at least) are a recipe for failure. I don’t care to experience that, never have. However, I do believe in the value of setting goals. And right now, I am without goals. Which sucks. Huge.

It’s been several years since I started a new year without a plan. Last year I had a second marathon in my sights, and the goal of being selected for the Tiffany’s half, as well as any other race that presented itself. The year prior, I was focused on the historic half and my first marathon. The year before that, it was to complete a half marathon without injury.

But on Sunday morning, as Big Ring and I were embarking on our first ever Revolution Run, it dawned on me that I had nothing. No training plans. No events scheduled. No races to fret over look forward to. Nothing. And that ugly feeling of emptiness sunk in.

An ice-cold wind met us head on on the morning of the Revolution Run.

Without goals, I fear for my health. I’m the kind of person, as competitive and driven as I am, who needs motivation, who needs that carrot dangling in front me to keep me going. But at this point, nothing is really standing out to me. I’m not keen on doing another marathon at this time, as I just don’t have the time to commit to such an adventure, and plus the memories of the last one are still somewhat fresh. Do I do another half? Do I do a 10 km? Do I try something different? I don’t know…

9 a.m. BG before: 14.0 (miscalculated breakfast bolus)
Temp. basal: 0 per cent (see above)
Distance: 5.90 km
Average pace: 6:08 min/km
Time: 34:15 minutes
10 a.m. BG after: 5.4

I may not have goals for myself in place yet, but I do for Big Ring. The same run it dawned on me that I had nothing, I announced to him by the end of year, he would be running 10 km – that was his goal. He looked at me a little incredulously but didn’t balk at it, nope, he just kept on running.

He calls it grim, I call it exciting.

Prior to Sunday’s Revolution Run (our own – free! – version of the Resolution Run) Big Ring had only run 5 km, which he had only just achieved last week. Yesterday, he made it to 5.60 km… although, with every new person he tells, the distance gradually gets longer and longer. I think by the time we left my parent’s New Year’s Day dinner last night, he was telling people he had run 23 km!!! Whatever keeps him going 😉

Excited for the distance… or the fact we were at the turnaround point?

And for me, the run was a great way to bring in the New Year. My legs felt awesome, my high BG didn’t affect me negatively, and the whole way my legs were begging me to go faster. The last 2.0 km, I let them, averaging about 5:15 min/km and topping out at a 3:51 min/km best pace. Yippee!!!

Do you have goals for the New Year?

2011: a princess perfect year

2011 was a year full of personal bests, discoveries, and lots of laughter; a great one indeed. And it started with a bang.

January: Resolution Run

While most were sleeping away hangovers on the morning of Jan. 1, I was up early racing against myself in the Running Room’s 5 km Resolution Run; I won. I crossed the finish line with a personal best that shaved a good 2 minutes 38 seconds off my previous 5k PB.

It was the first of four personal bests this year. While training for my second marathon, Run for Water, which was at the end of May, I clocked in a two-hour, 24-second half marathon time at the Good Life Fitness Toronto Half in the middle of May, cutting my previous half time by nearly 4 minutes. Two weeks later I finished Run for Water with a time of 4:44:24; not quite the time I wanted, but 10 minutes and 17 seconds faster than my first marathon time 7 months earlier. I also scored a PB up the Grouse Grind in July, completing in 55 minutes and 20 seconds!

May: Good Life Fitness Toronto Half

May: Run for Water Marathon

It wasn’t all glory though. Early in the year my running was put on hold after bone scans showed stress fractures in both ankles. As a result, my favourite ironchickie forced me to silence my pool germ fears in order to reap the benefits of aqua jogging (which we later renamed aqua running), of which there were plenty. Post-injury, my tempo runs and races were way speedier than pre-injury!

In addition to stress fractures, I was also attacked by butt bursitis, knee bursitis and misalignment of my legs – at the cost of more than $3,000 worth of physiotherapy, massage therapy, and active release therapy visits. Oh joy.

March: Physiotherapy

When I wasn’t sidelined by injury, I was taking on challenges by “non-runners.” The day of the Resolution Run, Big Ring announced he could do that run no problem, and in fact bet me that he could kick my butt doing it. Never one to back down from a challenge, I set down the wager. We were to race the 2012 Resolution Run. If he won, I’d cook dinner for a year. If I won, he’d cook dinner all year, which he pretty much already does 😉 [Note: That challenge has been postponed.]

Big brother also challenged me to a race, a 10 km race, one he too was sure he could beat. “I’m going to kick your ass,” he laughed. On June 10, five days after my birthday, seven days after his, I proved him wrong. Happy Birthday to me! 😀

June: Police Challenge 10 km

On the diabetes front, it’s still there, I still have it, no cure was proclaimed – not as yet at least… maybe 2012 😉

As 2011 counts itself down, I leave you with my favourite picture of the year. Happy New Year friends. May your 2012 be filled with love and laughter, challenges and competitions, health and happiness, and special, special people. These, including the man behind the camera, are mine:

2011: Love!