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We run…

Two years ago today, I was doing this:


With the bestest, most favourite running chicks EVER:


Today, I’m doing a little of this … again:

foot roller

Remember these shoes:


Well, it seems, these shoes, these beautiful looking New Balance 860 running sneakers, of which I won in a Canadian Running contest a few months back (along with a sports bra, shirt and shorts… love the shirt, like the bra and shorts) are the latest to cause me injury… or close to injury.

Following last week’s autumnal run, the first since my half marathon, the heel of my left foot was super tender. I’d had something similar in the spring, not the sharp, searing, tearing pain of plantar fasciitis, but just tenderness, of which ice and rest did the trick. I’m hoping for the same with this one here, but nearly one week post run and I’m still feeling tenderness and random shooting dull aches through the heel and up the calf.

And you know what sucks about it, I’d held off forever trying these shoes out. As many of you know, I’m quite particular when it comes to my running sneakers. It’s almost like a relationship, you know, when you find one you love (as I had with Mizuno, and now Brooks) you don’t ever let it go. And so, while I thought it was totally awesome I’d won a pair of sneakers, I had niggling doubts about them given they weren’t my brand of sneakers. I’d never worn New Balance before, I didn’t know how my foot would respond to them, I didn’t know them.

But, well, after running my Brooks pretty much into the ground, and not having a replacement given I’m trying to save rather then spend these days, I didn’t really have any more excuses not to give these shoes a go.

Thirty minutes – THIRTY MINUTES!!! – was all it took for my feet to say no more 😦

But here’s the thing, with my feet resting, icing, compressing and elevating, I choose not to dwell on the annoyance of it all (I mean, seriously, another injury???) but rather, to remember the heart-filled memories of two years ago, and dream of future destination running memories to be made…


And you better believe they WILL be made 😀

A feast without poison

Brrrr! I’d forgotten what it was like to run in the snow!

On Monday, Big Ring, Little Ring and I went for an evening run. It was Big Ring’s first run of the season; Little Ring’s first run ever; and my first run with a stroller… mind you, Big Ring took the reins on that front, so in this post we’ll focus on the snow.

Excited to be cross training for the upcoming cycling season

I knew it had snowed, I’d gotten a morning text from Big Ring stating just that, I’d heard on the radio there was snow, and Facebook, my gawd, it was like scroll for the snow. But because I hadn’t stepped out of the loft all day, that snow didn’t fully register when dressing for the run. I dressed just as I’d been dressing for all my other runs: One base layer, plus an extra wicking shirt, long tights, arm warmers, running fleece, thermal socks, ear warmers and cheapo $1 mitts. And oh man, was I cold! My face was so frozen I couldn’t talk properly, my nose glowed like Rudolph’s, and my hands felt as though they’d crack off if I even so much as lightly bumped them against another object.

Cold or not, though, that run was so much fun! (You did see my snow angel post right :)) The flakes exploding in my face, the uninterupted chats with Big Ring, and Little Ring snug as a sleeping bug in his BOB. It was just what I needed.

Walk break

However, there was a slight problem. I’d get so caught up in telling Big Ring a story from the day that I completely forgot I was only supposed to be running four-minute intervals and before I knew it, my old Timex was showing we’d been running for six or seven minutes. Oops. And as much I’d love to say it only happened once, that I had wisened up for the following intervals, I can’t – it happened three of the four segments! Good thing Coach NZ is in New Zealand right now, hey 😉


  • 3:30 p.m. BG before: 6.7
  • Temp. basal: none (but 4 crackers with peanut butter, no bolus)
  • Distance: 4 times 4 minutes running/1 minute walking
  • 4:30 p.m. BG after: 4.4

In other news… the annual Hope-I-Don’t-Poison-My-Husband Birthday Feast was held on the weekend. This year, instead of pasta, I tried my hand at cioppino, which I was first introduced to (thanks to one of my favourite running chicks) when in San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Run in 2011. And guess what? WE DIDN’T DIE!!! And guess what else? It was actually good!

A whole lot of fishy goodness!

For dessert: My famed Juniors’ cheesecake, which is usually a 5-hour process, but this time, due to a Little Ring in the mix, it was more like 7 hours. Worth every last minute 😀
To read about my past once-a-year kitchen excursions, click the link: https://princessofpavement.wordpress.com/2012/01/11/kitchen-nightmares/

And don’t forget to enter the draw for iBungee stretch laces. All guesses, whether right or wrong, get entered into the draw.

The other side of San Francisco

I had a blog topic all planned out for tonight, and it was a good one too, but then I had to go and scrape the back of my car into the back of another chick’s car while leaving Pilates, and now, well, my mind’s not exactly in the right place. So, tonight my friends a San Francisco photo story you shall get and a bucket of ice cream I shall get.

It wasn’t all about the blue box:

SF skyline.

It only took me 10 minutes to find my name WAY up there.

Route map at Niketown.

Triplets of Runnersville take on SF!

Pre-race wine, oh yes please!

Big, fat, lonely sea lion.

Bay Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge.

Favourite running chicks enjoying a post-race Bay cruise.

Can’t go to San Francisco and NOT have California bad-boy wine.

Twilight at the Ferry Market.

And that was San Francisco. Thank you to my favourites for making a most beautiful, memorable trip.

San Francisco: stairway to heaven

The hills were unavoidable.

It didn’t matter how much I tried to block my eyes, avert my eyes, shut my eyes, in San Francisco, I was surrounded by hills. And not mole hills. Oh no, these suckers were straight up, stomach in your gut, oh my god, what I have I gotten myself into hills.

Lombard Street: One of the world’s crookedest streets featuring eight tight switchbacks, which were designed out of necessity as most vehicles in 1922 could not ascend the 27% grade!

On most occasions, I am not a fan of knowing the route of my races or even my long runs before heading out. I don’t want to know if I’ll be having to run rolling hills, or descend down stairway to heaven hills, I don’t want to know if one of my running partners has picked a route that I hate or a route that bores the hell out of me. When it comes to my running, I live in a world of ignorance where everything comes at me in surprise. And I like it that way!

Now, that being said, it probably wasn’t the wisest thing to book a trip to the city of an upcoming race – two weeks before said race! Especially if that city is San Francisco.

I knew when I signed up for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon that there would be hills. And I knew they would be significant hills. But it wasn’t until we drove into the city, and I saw those cable car hills (straight up, oh my god hills!) that it suddenly hit me. Oh freaking crud.

The stairs of Telegraph Hill: 800 steps of straight up stunning beauty, sculpted gardens, art-deco buildings, beautiful homes, and even wild parrots.

I love hills, we all know that, but these hills, I was sweating just looking at them. Seriously, I was on my tip toes just walking up them, I couldn’t even imagine having to run them, let alone descend them. I hate running downhill!

It was at this point, Mario suggested I go against my number one rule and actually look at the route, get a feel for what I’d soon be getting into. Thank heavens for smart husbands.

Mr. Smartypants.

One click of Google and my apprehension had been cured. The NWM half-marathon route shows NO cable car hills, and in fact, only two real hills to contend with. The first hill is between the 10 and 11 km mark and has an approximate maximum elevation of 290 feet. The second hill is between the 13 and 14 km mark and has a max elevation of 345 feet. I still have no idea how high that is, and quite frankly I don’t want to know … I can’t change all at once you know 😉

Further Google searching had me discovering this race route will also feature a beautiful, eclectic mix of urban, ocean and forest views AND a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge too. I love bridges!

Sooo, just wondering, is it normal to start belting out the Full House theme song every time you drive across the Golden Gate Bridge? Because that’s exactly what happened to me 😀

In one week, my friends, I will have completed a race I have dreamed of for more than a year now, and I will have received my Tiffany’s ‘finisher’s’ necklace, handed to me by a San Francisco firefighter. Oh yum.

Now what the heck was I being all trepidatious about anyway? 😀

And that completes my California Trip No. 1 backlog of blogs, which is a good thing given that I’ll be leaving for California Trip No. 2 this Thursday! Eeeeeeeeeee!!!