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MEC 10 km: Personal best!!!

Soooo, hey, I sort of, kind of, totally raced my butt off yesterday morning! Hehe 😀


Beyond a couple tweets, I pretty much kept my participation in the Mountain Equipment Co-op 10 km race hush-hush. I didn’t want to put a huge amount of pressure on myself, I didn’t want extra stresses on my brain, or to feel like I’d be less if I didn’t meet my goals. This race wasn’t necessarily supposed to be about getting a great time, but more about getting my body, belly, blood sugars and brain used to racing again. My goals were simple: Run hard. Don’t give up.

I thought it was a good plan. Coach NZ thought it was a good plan. My competitiveness, however, did not. Saturday night I pulled out my race pace calculator, just out of curiosity, you know, to see what kind of pace I’d have to go to get 55 minutes, 54, 53, 52 – all of which seemed doable. That’s when I knew this would be more than just a hyped-up training run! That’s when I knew I’d be full-on racing!

The MEC race was a super small event with just 86 of us running the 10 km portion. And because it was only $15, there was no souvenir shirt, no medal, no swag, which I was totally okay with. But there was also no timing chip system. Instead, there was a big clock (that was started for the half marathoners) with volunteers jotting down the bib numbers of the runners as they crossed the finish next to the time on the clock. Everyone had the same start time regardless of where they were positioned in the cue. Not exactly the most accurate system, which is why I’m going with my Garmin time.

The route was an out-and-back, which I’m not generally a fan of, but along the dykes of the Steveston waterfront, it was freaking gorgeous! I had the water next to me, the mountains in front of me, and airplanes flying not so high above as they descended towards YVR.

From MEC

I started out too strong, but had settled in by the second kilometre. By the fourth kilometre, I was struggling with a stitch in my side, and the group I had been running with pulled forward. “Don’t give up.” I focused on the rhythmic sounds of Beastie Boys in my ears, and started gaining speed again, reeling in a couple of the early speedsters. “Keep going. Push.” I ran past the 5 km turnaround. FREAK! “Don’t give up.” My feet were starting to burn up. “Keep going.” Just 2 km left to go. “You can do this. Come on, faster!” Oh no! I did the math wrong. There were still 3 km to go. FRIDGE! “Don’t give up.” I spotted the blue shirt of a girl I’d been eying for a few kilometres now, I wanted to pass her, I was so close, I was practically next to her, just a couple more steps. “Go! Go! Go!” We passed by a group of volunteers, they cheered, hooted and hollered. The blue shirt girl surged ahead, but my legs suddenly became elephant legs. “Don’t give up… keep going… you can do this… forget the watch… forget the time… just run… dammit, run!”

With about 600 metres to go, I spotted Big Ring and Little Ring, and suddenly my legs were like those of cheetah. I surged, I sprinted, I pumped my arms, I gave it my all! And when I crossed that finish line, my gawd, my legs could hardly hold me up they were shaking so bad! And those, my dear blog-reading friends, are legs that got me a PERSONAL BEST!!!

The volunteers were awesome; super loud cheers and mega-watt smiles!


  • BG before: 9.4
  • Temp. basal: none
  • Carbs: Vega pre-workout energizer (16g) with bolus and BG correction 20 minutes prior
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Average pace: 5:34 min/km
  • Time: 55:40!!!
  • BG after: 5.4

My previous PB 56:01 – 21 seconds faster today! Wahoo!

Diabetes … and more

When doctors go to school, do they learn another language, a language only they are privy too? Because seriously, after spending a weekend reading through a doc’s manual my head is spinning with incomprehensible doctor talk!

On Friday I had an appointment with the dietitian and nurse at the VGH Diabetes Clinic. When I started making these appointments, I was hoping to get a fresh perspective on my disease and some insider knowledge on how to better manage it. But after that first visit in January, despite walking away happy with what I gleaned from the dietitian, I was so unimpressed with the pump nurse who basically told me she had no idea why I was there given how good a diabetic I am. Yes I’m a good diabetic, but I want to be a perfect diabetic. Is that really so much to ask for?

Apparently it is. For this appointment, my file was given to a regular nurse, as the pump nurse was on holidays. The first words this nurse said to me were, “I don’t know anything about the insulin pump … any questions?” Awesome.

Thankfully my dietitian once again proved useful. I told her about my struggles with finding a good nutrition source for my long distance runs that won’t send my belly into a raging war. I told her how I thought some fruits, like pineapple, would be good, but how I was worried that it would skyrocket my blood sugars. She, however, didn’t seem concerned with the sugar counts at all. (Unfortunately I can’t read my notes from that portion of the meeting, so I’m going from memory here…) She said that fruit and GU gels were comparable in carb ratios, and that fruit would actually have a slower release glucose because of its fibre content. She also suggested I dilute juice or sports drinks – with sugar! – in with my water bottles, which would be a lot easier to digest than straight up gels and food. My only fear with that is the hunger factor.

Before leaving the appointment, she gave me a stack of papers, like practically the size of an Oxford Dictionary, centralized on endurance training for type 1 diabetics. She warned me that some sections might be confusing as it was taken from a doctor’s tool book, but she thought it might come in handy. Wow! I have seriously been looking for a resource like this practically since I started running … I just wish it was in a language I could actually understand!


  • 11 a.m. BG before: 12.8
  • Temp. basal: -30% (1 hour)
  • Distance: 11 km (lsd)
  • Average pace: 6:20 min/km
  • Time: 1:09:41
  • 12:30 p.m. BG after: 8.1
  • Temp. basal: +50% (1 hour)

After last week’s stroll through Steveston, I decided to make the village my running destination this week. Aside from the wharf, and the market, I’m really not that familiar with the area. But thanks to mapmyride.com, Mario was able to map me out a fairly straight forward route. Unfortunately, however, I discovered that Steveston really is just the waterfront and fishing village. Once you stray from those areas, which are so super beautiful, it’s just loud, busy roads 😦

I liked this sign

Despite the heavily congested roads, it was a good run. I felt great, something I wasn’t feeling on my previous two runs. And the ending, well, you can’t really go wrong with old-fashioned ice cream on the waterfront now can you!

Maple walnut ice cream, it’s practically chocolate milk 😀

Where is your favourite place to run?

Making it count

Not all long weekends are perfect, in fact many don’t seem long enough, but this one was pretty darn near close to perfection. Sure I may have had a splitting head ache for a few hours of it and a couple of lows that tried to bring me down, but not even those could ruin it. In fact, they were just mere hiccups compared to everything else. Nothing spectacular happened, but a lot of good happened, and that combined surely adds up to spectacular.

On Canada Day, Mario and I had a spontaneous date night and went out for some traditional Canadian grub at Las Margaritas (seriously, how is Mexican not Canadian?) then we went and saw Beginners at the Fifth Avenue, which is one our favourite theatres. And the movie, oh my goodness, I was on the verge of tears through the entire thing, and even at one point squirted a few which rarely ever happens. Yes, it was a sad one, but such good one. The story, the acting, the characters were so compelling, so great. Heck, even the dog was. If you haven’t already seen this movie, you must seek it out. Perfect.

On the way out of the theatre, Mario’s eyes were drawn to the BMW dealership, but not for the cars – for the BMW bikes! Only Mario 😀

On Saturday, we watched an impressive first stage of the Tour de France, which was won by Filip Gilbert – BELGIUM REPRESENT!!! (My sleep for the next three weeks will be somewhat jarred with the alarm blaring for a half of a second at ungodly hours, because apparently watching the Tour live is better than watching it on PVR … I don’t get it either, it all looks the same to me.) And then we did our traditional anniversary climb up the Grouse Grind, and followed that up later in the afternoon with a local beer on the patio of a new restaurant at Granville Island – in the sun! Perfect.

How proactive … and funny!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon wandering around Steveston by myself. I was on a mission to find something I’d seen at the Steveston Farmers’ Market a few weeks back, but when I couldn’t find the seller person (and I was super persistent walking back and forth through the market like three times) I decided to just hang out, discover the boutiques, lazily stroll down the wharf, take in the smell of the salt and seafood, and the beauty of the day. Perfect.

How was your weekend?

Yellow tomatoes and purple potatoes

I don’t know about you, but when my birthday comes around, there’s a list of things I feel I shouldn’t have to do, like clean my bathroom, make the bed (thank you Mario), put gas in my car, and change my infusion. Unfortunately for me, yesterday, my birthday – the greatest day on Earth – was also infusion changing day. Ugh! But fortunately for me it was my birthday, and it totally lived up to its hype, it was a great, great, great day. Have I mentioned I love my birthday 😀

It was a day filled with sunshine and strawberry covered waffles, bike rides and farmers markets, presents, presents, presents, ice cream cake (obviously!), a little bit of France, a little bit of New York and a Bianchi too! … jersey that is … one step closer to having my very own beautiful Bianchi.

Good golly, I thought I was supposed to stop growing, but it appears I’ve become a giant in the last year!

All birthday girls deserve free chocolate!


  • BG before: 12.1
  • Temp. basal -80 per cent
  • Distance: 65 km
  • Time: 3 hours
  • Average speed: 20 km per hour
  • BG after: 6.4

Would you be surprised if I told you we almost didn’t have birthday ice cream cake? It’s true. Shocking, I know! Mario had gotten the cake and hid it in our freezer (good thing I rarely go in there) but because we were out on the road for a birthday bike ride to Steveston for three hours, and because he had also organized dinner out and an evening at the theatre to see Wicked, there was only a super small window before our dinner reservations to do the cake thing. Some people might have opted to wait, I mean really, who has ice cream cake before dinner? I do!

And the cake matched my dress!

All mine!

We had dinner on the patio at Provence, a French restaurant along the False Creek waterfront, with a pretty spectacular fish menu. Mario had the halibut and spot prawns, with yellow tomatoes (which I loved!) and purple potatoes, and I had the Mediterannean bass with vegetables and seven grain rice. I wasn’t so keen on the rice, but I loved the fresh-baked bread. And with my bass I had the option of getting a fillet or a full-headed fish. I chose the full-headed sucker and tried with all my might NOT to start showing off my fish lips for the waitress. I’m thinking that probably wouldn’t have gone over all that well. (Yes, I did just turn 33!)

Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads … eat them up yum!

When I read Wicked eight years ago, I really loved it, like really loved it. And so I was somewhat worried going into this musical that I’d be a bit disappointed (even though I really wanted to see it when we went to New York last year) … it’s like the whole Hollywood botching up a book scenario, you know. But it didn’t disappoint at all. There were some issues, like I thought it could have been shorter and I wasn’t so keen on the operatic singing voice of Miss Ohio doing Glinda’s part. But Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, was amazing. And she totally reminded me of Blossom!

We didn’t get home until close to 11:30 and I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight, so I was a bit groggy getting up this morning, but the endorphins of a most wonderful birthday day, and the prospect of two more weeks of my birthday three weeks, had me smiling all through the day 😀