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Trainer trials and tribulations

Good golly I can’t believe I used to do this for up to an hour, even an hour and a half, at a time!

Little Ring: “Tall person with boobies, why are you riding your contraption inside???

After more than 9 months off the bike, Big Ring pulled Zing out of storage, dusted off the cobwebs, polished her up a bit, and pumped up her tires in preparation for our long-awaited reunion.

I’d love to say it was a good one, but as has always been the case, when Zing’s shackled to the bike trainer, it’s more a chore than anything. The bike trainer is nothing like those spring/summer/warm fall days spent in the elements, pedalling hard up the Camosunburg (which isn’t so burg anymore since its repaving this summer), feeling the warm wind whip at my face as I zoom down to Spanish Banks, taking in the scenic views of the city all around me. When I’m outside, the last thing I’m thinking about is getting off my dear bike, but when I’m on the trainer, it’s the first thing on my mind. My brain is crazy ADD on the trainer, I’m watching the clock, feeling the heat build in me, the sweat drip off me, counting down the seconds as they slowly tick-tock, tick-tock before me.

Somehow, before pregnancy, I had managed to figure out a way of going for an hour or more, normally by pedalling through an episode of True Blood, or by watching an inspiring tale of the cyclists I do so love (read: drool over) like Chasing Legends or The Leadville 100, but for some reason, this time around, I thought Amazing Race could get me through my first ride back.

I should have known.

First off, Amazing Race has commercials, which even with the fast forward of the PVR break the concentration. Second, Amazing Race doesn’t have the crazy, holy-crap-did-that-really-just-happen scenes that True Blood has, which take my mind off the pedals, or the cockiness of Mark Cavendish that keeps me amused, or the super strong, yet super creepy legs of George Hincapie, or the drool-worthy looks of Andy Schleck (and the drive and force of these men on their bikes too) that keep me going strong. Nope. While Amazing Race does have picturesque scenery, it unfortunately, more often than not, focuses on the annoying antics of the contestants, which seem a helluva lot more annoying on the trainer.

My first go, I managed 35 minutes and I thought I was gonna die after just 10. The second go, I figured I’d give How I Met Your Mother a try, but that too was a no-go. I then looked to New Girl (the funniest non-cable show around), but again, it failed miserably in keeping my cycling focus. So, this evening my friends, I am happy to report, I smartened the heck up, and stuck True Blood into the drive. 45 MINUTES BABY!!!


  • 6:30 p.m. BG before: 5.4
  • Temp. basal: -50 per cent
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • 7:30 p.m. BG after: 3.8
  • Low treatment: half apple, no bolus

Now, I’ve just got to once again figure out my basal settings for the trainer.

A princess perfect vintage


And you know what that means…

A deliciously insane amount of DQ ice cream cake!

I might share 😉

A whole lot of Princess perfect spoilage:

Seriously, alien thumb-sucker is loving the Lululemon these days, which is crazy because before pregnancy I was anti the product, but now, I can’t get enough of it… or pretty new shoes!

A crazy amount of Big Ring spoilage:

Season 4 True Blood… iPad… tickets to John Mellencamp… oh my!

And new birthday adventures … whether they be exploring new restaurants (for me at least) like Chambar in Gastown, where Big Ring took me for my pre-birthday, birthday dinner, which features a deliciously tasty Belgian menu (I highly recommend the lamb shank and rhubarb-infused salad), or reminiscing about old adventures ala Belgium style, or making plans for another European adventure next spring…

Big Ring exploring the Belgian beer… they actually had one bottle for $125!!!

As many of you know, I am a firm believer of the three-week birthday. I mean seriously, how on earth can we contain the best time of the year (your birth, hello, how perfect is that) to one day? We can’t, so why even fight it? So while others are lamenting the fact they’re getting a year older, I’m loving every second of it. And why wouldn’t I? I’ve aged well!

From duck to swan: Me at 18. Me pre-pregnancy.

Seriously, I’m like a delectable vintage wine; I just keep getting better and better with age 😉


Day of reckoning

I had a lot of things I needed to get done this weekend, but instead I embraced a True Blood marathon. I blame the bike trainer.

Saturday morning, after laboriously cleaning the upstairs portion of our condo (my portion … of which I’d really like to hire a maid for, but Mario, the only man on the face of this earth who seems to actually love cleaning, balks at the idea :() I put on my cycling shorts, stuck True Blood in the Blu Ray player, and started pedaling. When I finished, I hopped into the shower fully intending to get a move on with my errands of the day. But then, out of nowhere, the ass magnet in my couch, pulled me down and wouldn’t let me back up again. Five episodes of Season 2 later, I was dreaming vampires!


  • 11 a.m. BG before: 4.6 (4 sugar rockets)
  • Temp. basal: -100 per cent (1 hour)
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • 12 a.m. BG after: 4.9
  • Temp. basal: +50 per cent (1/2 hour)

I also watched another episode on Sunday, but only after baking a plum tart AND getting out of the house for a couple of hours with my pops and step sister. We went to the Eat Fraser Valley festival, which promotes local food and local restaurants and local foody businesses, etc., etc.. I wasn’t super keen on the food selections, it seemed like there was a lot of pork on the sampling menu, and I do NOT eat pork. (I don’t care what you say, ham is not pork!) They did, however, have a booth featuring Belgian chocolates. My step sister said as soon as I saw it my eyes lit up. Sample, yes please!

I was quite enamored with Watson’s old-time spice and baking containers.

Today is Day 5 of no knee pain and Day 22 of no running. I won’t lie, I have had some slight trepidations going into the Tiffany’s run on Oct. 16, which is like a month away. I know I have a great base, and I was only off all exercise for one week, which isn’t a huge deal, but you know, the what ifs do come to play now and again. Tomorrow, which I expect will be Day 6 of no knee pain, is also Day of Reckoning with Dear Physio. I think he’s going to have super good news for me 😀

What’s the longest TV watching marathon you’ve gone on?

Damage done

Why is it when you get a paper cut, stinging lemon juice instantly finds its way inside? Or when you have a cavity, your tongue is constantly drawn to the aching decay? Or when you smoke yourself in the ankle so hard you draw blood, your shoed foot continues to do so until you’re belaboured with a nasty ass stress fracture?

On Sunday, that oh-so-glorious run day, I did just that. Smoked my ankle. And oh man did it smart. For like half a minute I swear it felt as though a boulder had smashed down on it! But I refused to stop running. I wasn’t a baby, I was going to keep on going, wincing and all. Well, that first collision resulted in two more collisions, each more painful than the first. It wasn’t until I ended my run that I dare I looked at the damage done.

It doesn’t look like much right, just a wee scrape, but if you’ve ever experienced a paper cut under your fingernails, you know it’s the small ones that are the deadliest ones. I feared the shower post-run. And rightfully so. Soap in an open wound, NOT a good combination. I feared sitting at my desk, where I like to put one leg up into a cross-legged position. And rightfully so. Scabbed wound rubbing and pulling against jean material, NOT a good combination. I didn’t, however, fear walking. But I should have. Apparently I don’t just kick myself while running – I do it while walking too! And what do you know, it was the same ankle I smoked. Scabbed wound versus shoed foot, NOT a good combination.

Seriously shoe, you really need to start making friends with the ankle. Just saying…

The first time I smoked my ankle like this was last summer while training for the Portland Marathon on one of my 23 km training runs. I repeatedly did it through the remainder of the summer and into the fall. What started out as a scrape, turned into a bruise, turned into an aching ankle, turned into a jammed up ankle, turned into a stress fracture. Now, I can’t be sure if it was 100 per cent started because I like to kick myself, but I’m pretty sure the ankle can only take so much and a full summer of kicking it can’t possibly be good for it.

Here’s hoping this is not a repeat of last summer.


  • 9 p.m. BG before: 6.4 (1 biscuit, no bolus)
  • Temp. basal: -80 per cent
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • 10 p.m. BG after: 3.9

I’ve been trying to focus on getting more cross-training in, and not just rely on my twice-a-week pilates and twice-a-week runs, but my gawd, last night’s ride was tough. It was my fourth day going without a break and I’ve been having a lot of late nights lately too, and I’m pretty sure I was just utterly exhausted. I got on the bike and my legs were so heavy and tight and lethargic, it took everything I had just to pedal them at a light speed. Good thing True Blood is the perfect trainer riding watching show that effectively takes my mind off the buckets of sweat pouring out of me and the aches of my thighs. Thanks to Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse, I was able to get through the ride and even pushed a little harder near the end.

However, somehow on that so-called non weight-bearing activity, I managed to pull something in my groin. Yes, my groin! Stretching was a pain. Sitting down and getting up was a pain. Walking up the stairs was a pain. Seriously, I am the most injury prone sporty princess there ever was! (For a great pic, refer back to this post: The Sami Salo of runners) It couldn’t have been too bad though. I iced it, took Advil, applied muscle ointment on it (which is kind of a scary thing as it is close to a rather sensitive area!) and by morning the ache had eased. Phew.

What was your worst sports-related injury or incident?