Daily Archives: May 14, 2010

Thigh Thingy not my kind of thingy

Hello holidays! Oh how I have missed you!!! The second the clock struck 5 p.m., I was officially declared holiday bound – YIPPEEEEE!!! Mind you, I am so NOT prepared for the trip. I’ve got clothes strewn all over my bed, and have been half-heartedly trying to decide what to bring. I am notoriously an over packer; you never know what the weather’s going to be like, or what outfit may fancy me, or what outfits are going to suit the same pair of shoes. These are tough decisions.

I’ve been told it’s going to be comfortably hot, which would usually bring out all the skirts, however, when I got hooked up to this pump thing, I didn’t really take into account how I was going to wear it with a skirt. I’ve gotten comfortable with it being clipped onto the waistband of my jeans, but a skirt’s a whole other story. I like to see my curves when wearing skirts, not a big bulge sticking out at the side! I do have an Animas Thigh Thingy that’s made out of spandex and that I purchased when I first got the pump, thinking it would be good for running and sleeping, but turns out it wasn’t really good for either … the “one-size fits all” was a little snug. I got the thighs of a speed skater! And it’s not good for my skirts either, because I got it in black – totally see through under light coloured skirts!

I took a trip over to Fabricland after work to see if I could find something to make a nude-coloured thigh thingy of my own, but good golly those fabric stores intimidate the heck out of me. I walked in circles for a while, before pretty much running out of the store. Mission failed 😦

And my clothes continue to lay disheveled all over my bed. But one thing’s for sure, my running shoes and Garmin are already packed – I will be running in New York!

Still not 100 per cent in the cold realm. I’ve still got a tickly cough and the feeling of a small lump in my throat, but I think I’m on the mend … I hope I’m on the mend. I really, really, really do NOT want to be one of those people who hack all through a flight. Ugh.

A girlfriend of mine just started running and she’s been experiencing tight, burning pain in her calves just minutes into the run. She says it feels like they’re seizing up, forcing her to walk and stretch it out, but the stretch makes it worse. She asked me for some advise, and the only thing I could come up with is possible calf fatigue, but by the sounds of it, it seems worse than that. If anyone else has some advice or recommendations, she would greatly appreciate it. We thank you in advance 🙂

Off to pack … or just continue to stare at my clothes!