Daily Archives: November 4, 2010

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

The verdict is in: I am a Tim Burton’s dream come true … well, the lower half of me that is. I went to my massage therapist yesterday and he confirmed to me what I had been suspecting for weeks. I am a twisted-up, crooked mess!

My body’s alignment was so off kilter that not only was my left leg jammed all the way up to my ears (well practically so) my ankles too were twisted and jarred and jammed up as far as they could go. And when the one ankle unsuspectingly popped at the same time as my leg being reefed back into place, I am not ashamed to say that yes I let out a cringe-worthy yelp. While I’ve had the leg issues before, the ankles were a first, and it freaking well hurt fixing them up!

I'm even more twisted than Beetlejuice!

Looks like I’ll be continuing my break from running, she says as she gushes out a disappointed sigh 😦

My massage therapist suggested I strengthen my core to help prevent injury from happening the next time. And how, when I hate every aspect of strengthening the core, do I do that?

  • I do sit-ups, planks, balance ball, blah, blah, blah at home, which probably won’t happen.
  • I obtain a personal trainer to hold my hand through the process, which is probably my best option.
  • I sign up for hot yoga. WHAT???

When my backpacking girlfriend (who just got engaged in Italy; so exciting!!!) suggested hot yoga to me this morning, I almost emailed her back asking if she had taken the crazy pills. Firstly, despite doing regular yoga in the spring, I’m not a fan of the dirty hippie activity which is a widely known fact, and secondly hot yoga freaks the crap out of me. See, I don’t enjoy super hot things. Unless they come in the form of Alexander Ovechkin, Andy Schleck or Robert Downey Jr. packages, I ain’t interested. I have no desire to hang out in saunas, or have germs crawl up my butt in hot tubs, or get bored on a beach in Hawaii. And I don’t know if the heat would affect my insulin pump or my blood sugars or what. But my backpacking girlfriend, she was insistent. Before I had a chance to email her back, she had already emailed me a second time, defending her case. This is what she wrote:

I wanted to strengthen my core, help my back and my hips and lower my stress. And hot yoga did all that. I honestly was so blown away. I went to 20 classes in two months and I never felt better in my entire life. I have never ever seen such amazing results from anything else. And I used to do Pilates and go to the gym and go for runs and everything! I know different things help different people, but I absolutely swear by Bikram Yoga.
She also went on to state that it absolutely is hell on earth for the first 5 classes. I thought I was going to puke, walk out, cry, pee, puke again, and pass out…

And while that may dissuade the normal person, I’m a runner, and we runners like to torture ourselves, not normal. My backpacking girlfriend, it seems, knows my weaknesses!

Have you ever done hot yoga? What did you think of it?