Daily Archives: April 30, 2011

A royal affair

Seriously, what was I thinking? Scheduling a dentist appointment? The morning of an infusion set change? The morning of the Royal Wedding? How could I have possibly overlooked such things?

Yes, I am that girl! I love weddings – love them! – and there was no way I was missing Wills and Kate tie the knot, no way I was missing her gown.  And because I had such a busy morning ahead, the alarm clock started blaring at 4:50 a.m. (thank heavens for PVRs ;))

And look who came for tea, flew all the way over from London, to have tea with me:

I loved the wedding, loved the intimateness inside the chapel, loved Kate’s dress which looked so much like Grace Kelly’s, loved the lace, loved that she kept her hair down, loved Harry’s red cheeks, and the bishops unruly eyebrows, and the runaway horse, and the beautiful and crazy fascinators (I need to get me some of those!) and pretending with Mario to be Wills and Kate or the Queen and Camilla, or Chuck and Harry … bet our conversations were way more funny than theirs 😀

But let me just say when you live in a loft, wake up at 4:50 a.m., come out of the shower and are half dressed and you see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge standing in your living room, when you completely forgot they were coming, I bet you’d scream too!

Did you watch the wedding?