Daily Archives: November 26, 2011

New body please

Dear world,
I need a new body.  I’m thinking a tradesy might be a good option. I mean, my body is kind of nice looking, it’s somewhat fit, has really nice legs, and is great for someone who doesn’t mind never-ending aches and pains the odd ache and pain here and there. In return, I would like a body that is also nicely fit, has great looking legs, maybe even a four pack, but that’s negotiable, is young, and does NOT get injured at the drop of a hat.
Sincerely, Princess.

For almost a week now I’ve been dogging a nasty shoulder pain. So sore I can’t pull my arm back, put pressure on it, pick my purse up, or lie on it without wincing in pain. I have no idea how I got it, it just kind of appeared on Monday. It’s a pain similar to one I had back in the spring, when I was regularly carrying my purse, laptop, or backpack on that one shoulder. But I haven’t carried anything on it since then. And yet, somehow (God only knows!), according to my doctor, I’ve torn a tendon in my bloody bicep! Are you kidding me? I am a runner, a cyclist, a hiker. I don’t lift weights, don’t do pushups, don’t dragon boat anymore. How the hell have I managed to tear a bloody tendon in my bicep?

And that, my friends, is why I need a new body! Seriously, I don’t even have to do anything and it gets injured! What the frick?

And it’s not just my body out to get me, I’m pretty sure inanimate objects are too. Case in point, yesterday. My doctor’s appointment was for 9:40 a.m., I had found parking with just five minutes to spare, paid the meter, and started briskly walking up the hill towards my doc’s office, when all of a sudden, BAM! My left foot smashed right into a  cement post holder with NO post in it! What the…

Okay seriously, how many sane people walk with their eyes glued to the ground? Should there NOT have been a warning sign notifying me of impending danger of breaking my toes? Should there NOT have been a bloody post in there? Seriously, I could have broken my bloody toes. Jerks!

So, I went to my doctor to see about my shoulder, and on the way in, I nearly broke my toes, and on the way out, I came to the realization that my doctor is a bit of a busy body when it comes to me and my disease. Despite having an endocrinologist who specializes in said disease, my doctor has decided he needs to also be part of my Type 1 plan, that he needs to check my feet, which I really don’t like, and send me for his own tests, and make his own decisions with regards to such things as my thyroid dosage.

My current 2 doses of thyroid, which has been the same for several years.

I know I probably shouldn’t complain having a doc who’s interested in all aspects of me, but seriously, he’s a general practitioner – not a diabetes specialist! I did follow his instructions and got the thyroid test he requested done, even though it was just six months ago since the last time I had the test done. However, I made sure the lab sent a copy to my endocrinologist, and I’m also thinking of sending my endo an email explaining the situation, as he’s always been the only doctor to deal with my thyroid, and he knows my history with my thyroid, and I think he should be the one making the decisions regarding my thyroid.

What would you do?