Daily Archives: April 12, 2013

Injury strategy 101

I don’t know if I’m being a wimp, overly cautious or smart as elephants, but whatever it is, it’s driving me bloody crazy.

During last week’s rainy tempo run (the last five minutes!!!) I felt a bit of irritation in my calf muscle; the defined-looking area located between the calf and the shin when you look profile. (Google Doctoring tells me it’s the soleus muscle.) At first I thought it was just a bit of tightness, no biggie. I’d roll it out and all would be good.

But no, it seems my leg had other plans. The three-minute massage with the stick resulted in a tender bruised sensation. And on Saturday, when I went out for a run, as soon as I pushed off I felt the throbbing 34 seconds in. Sigh. I quit the run then and there, grimacing at the lost opportunity for a run in the sun, a lost opportunity for introducing Little Ring to my old running stomping grounds, a lost opportunity for advancing my training one run further.

But, better safe than sorry, I told myself, recalling all my physio and massage therapy bills of past. I did NOT want to go there. So no, I would not run that day, or the entire week for that matter. We are now on Day 6, and I am going crazy.

I’ve rested. I’ve iced. I’ve compressed. I’ve elevated.

I told myself one week and then I would reassess the situation. Tomorrow is one week.

My assessment: For the first three quarters of this week that tender feeling was going nowhere no matter how much I RICEd the hell out of it. But yesterday morning, when I woke up I rubbed the area in question and nothing. I rubbed again, nothing. Couple hours later, I rubbed again, nothing. Today, I’ve rubbed it randomly as the hours past and not one twinge of tenderness. Good sign, yes indeed. Fingers crossed, I should be good to go tomorrow 😀

Like I said, I don’t know if I was being paranoid, silly or smart as hell, but with my injury history, at this point in my comeback, I was not prepared to take any chances.

In other news: Did you know it’s national grilled cheese sandwich day today? And did you know grilled cheese just so happens to be my number 1, all time favourite lunch cuisine? You better believe I was eating me some grilled cheese (with tomato, grilled to melty perfection!) on national grilled cheese sandwich day!

How do you eat your grilled cheese?