Daily Archives: December 29, 2014

Seeking accountability

Dear readers,

I need your help. I am in desperate need of accountability – verbally, writtenly, kicking in the buttly.

The holidays, they have kind killed me, or, at least, my running consistency. Last week, I was not so much a leader (sorry run study!); I was not the example to follow; I did not hold up my running values; I did not put running first. Not by a long shot. Nope. I was the girl snuggled in slippers and flannel pj’s; extendable waist as far as it could go.

Normally on Thursday I run with the UBC run study girls, but because Thursday was Christmas Day, the group run was cancelled. I had every intention to get that run in. At first I was trying to motivate myself with an early morning run that would end with waffles on my plate. That didn’t work. I was feeling pressure in my inner left knee and started second guessing whether I should be doing tempo intervals. I spent the day foam rolling and proceeded to plan for a make-up run Boxing Day morning. But then, the morning of Boxing Day was grey, dark, wet, ugly. I thought, okay, I’ll hold off, I’ll do a run later. That didn’t happen.

I did not run. I didn’t get my Friday run in either, and while I did run on Sunday, it was likely because I had people counting on me. But this week…


I have no one. One of my regular Tuesday partners is heading out of town, the other I have yet to hear from, and Thursday’s run is yet again solo because it’s New Year’s. And I’m freaking out! I fear another Thursday like last week will happen ALL week this week. There will be excuses, there will be ugly weather, there will be phantom aches and pains, there will be more days spent run free than running.

I do NOT want that.

So, I’m hoping with me putting this out for all to see it will force me to keep up with my runs. Tomorrow, I am to run hills, 8 x 75 seconds; Thursday I am to run speed intervals 6 times 3 minutes; and Friday an easy 50 minutes. Alone. By myself. Completely solo.

No excuses.

Get me out of here!!!

“Get me out of here!!!”

8:45 a.m. BG before: 7.2
Carbs: 1/2 banana (no bolus)
Temp. basal: -40 per cent (2 hours)
Workout: 100 minutes alternating 20 minutes easy, 5 minutes half marathon pace (5:10-5:35 min/km)
Time: 1:41:13
Distance: 16:10 km
Average pace: 6:17 min/km
Average cadence: 86 spm
BG: @30 minutes: 6.0; @70 minutes: 5.7
Fuel: 2 x 2/3 (400mL) homemade sports drink, 2 shot blocks
11:30 a.m. BG after: 9.3
Temp. basal: +80% (2 hours)