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Peanut butter…and honey!

Peanut butter and honey! That my friends is the magic elixir for kicking diabetes butt on a 60 km bike ride … at least it was for me 😀

I wasn’t sure how to fuel myself for the Living the Dream Fondo. I’ve never used gels on my recreational rides and I knew I wouldn’t be all out racing (ha!) but I’d been listening to others around me talk about gels, sports bars, jelly beans, etc., and I started thinking, ah crud, should I be doing that for my rides too? I wasn’t too keen on the idea given my past belly revolting issues with gels, and I knew 60 km wasn’t a huge distance, it shouldn’t warrant such a requirement. Still, I threw a couple into my suitcase for just in case.

And then I remembered a local sports radio dude, a couple years ago, talk about his triathlon fueling strategies, gushing about his love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the bike; how easy they were to eat when in movement, and how easy they were to digest. Super win-win. But the thing is, I’m not really a fan of jam. I love honey though! Why not give it a go.


I wasn’t sure what kind of bread would be the best. I know that white bread causes an instant shot of sugar into the blood stream and that normally whole wheat is the better option as it’s more fibrous, takes longer to digest, etc., but then, that there could be a problem. What if I couldn’t digest it? What if it caused the same problems the gels have caused me over the years? The last thing I needed was a belly in turmoil when wearing spandex – you can’t get them shorts off fast enough!!!

I opted for my tried and true Dempsters 12-grain, and lathered on a good layer of peanut butter, and a generous dollop of honey. I cut the sandwich into four quarters and put it into a Ziploc bag for safe keeping. I also packed a baggie of raisins and a Clif Zbar into my jersey pockets in case of lows. The gels stayed in the suitcase!

For hydration, I filled a water bottle with lemon-lime Vega electrolytes, which I had never used before (probably not the best time to start!) but which I had become incredibly enamored with when I discovered they were sweetened with Stevia – not sugar, nor other sweeteners that could wreak havoc on my belly. And, well, it just tasted really good 😀

So how did it all work? Fabulous! There were no belly issues; no cringing from the grossness of the taste and or thick texture slithering down my throat; and – HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! – no blood sugar dramas!

At the first rest stop, my BG was sitting at 8.0, down 2.8 mmol from when I started. I ate one quarter of the sandwich, and downed some electrolytes; no bolus. The second stop, they were down to 7.8, so I ate two quarters of the sandwich, as well as a pineapple chunk; no bolus. The pineapple, however, (I should have known) was my downfall. I’ve always struggled with pineapple shooting my blood sugars up, but because my BG had dropped at both stops, I got concerned. (The last thing I wanted was to go low on the road, especially seeing as how I’d forgotten my RoadID and hadn’t written any of my medical info on the back of my bib!) And so, by the third rest stop, after getting lost and doubling back for directions, my BG was up to 10.0. Shoot. I took a slight insulin correction, didn’t eat a thing, and continued on. By the finish, they were down to 7.9!

Diabetes success!

130516FinishGreat ride, great blood sugars. great friends. great family, great Tiffany’s equals ALL SMILES 😀

Hmm… could peanut butter and honey sandwich quarters work as running fuel too?

‘Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never jam today’

Two things.

Number 1: I’ve still got this bloody cold. My nose is still stuffed up, my voice is nasally, my ears feel like they’ve got cotton balls stuffed in them (I CAN’T HEAR!!!). I’m hacking up a lung (usually when trying to sleep or  trying to conduct an interview), I’ve got a chest full of congestion, and you wouldn’t believe the amounts of clear snot I’m blowing out of my nose. Where the hell is this stuff coming from? It’s freaking ridiculous!

Number 2: The insulin shooting through my blood stream seems to have gone on holidays the last two days. My blood sugars have been so disgustingly high. I thought at first it was because of the jam I had on my toast yesterday morning. Normally when I have toast, I opt for peanut butter, which doesn’t generally spike my blood sugars, but yesterday, I wanted strawberry jam. And it’s not like this jam was packed with sugar, it was half sugar with 5 carbs per tablespoon, meaning it had easy insulin manageability. Or so I thought.

Not two hours later, my BG had skyrocketed from 7.4 to 16.3. What the? I was freaking mad, like scrunching up my face, yelling in my head mad. But I wasn’t yelling at me, oh no, I was yelling at that damn jam.

Bad jam! Bad jam!

This morning, though, I had to apologize. I did not have jam this morning, I had sworn off the jam, promising never to allow its yumminess in my mouth again. And yet, it was like groundhog day for my BGs. Despite not having jam, despite eating something that never spikes my blood sugars, three hours post breakfast, I was fighting numbers in the 14s. Are you freaking kidding me? These are not numbers I like. These are not numbers I’m used to. These are not numbers that are in line with good diabetic numbers. What the frick is going on?

The peaks and valleys of my day 😦

I changed my infusion when I got home from work, hoping that maybe that was the problem, but I didn’t see any unwanted air bubbles in the reservoir, and the canula was still perfectly straight, not bent, not hooked, not munched up. So no, don’t think that was the problem.

Seriously frustrated…