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This day…

Note: this post technically should have been published yesterday, but, well, I’m a new mom and it seems nothing gets done on time these days… it’s within the weekend though, so it still counts 😉

On this day five years ago, I was doing this:

Paris: Kissing Oscar Wilde’s tombstone.

On this day three years ago, I was doing this:

Princess of Pavement’s Claustrophobic Half

On this day two years ago I was doing this:

Portland Marathon

On this day one year ago I was doing this:

Volunteering: Levi Leipheimer Gran Fondo

On this day today, I was doing this:

Walking along the boardwalk with my Little Ring snug against me.

Today – and everyday – I am thankful for my health, my running, my goals, my travels, my parents biannual stuffing, and most importantly, my beautiful family. Happy Thanksgiving!

37 weeks: ready or not…

Dear Thumb-Sucking Alien Baby,

Your baby shower, a garden party appropriately named Knocked Up In Wonderland, has come and gone. You had beautiful invites, beautiful cakes, beautiful guests, and beautiful presents.

Your mama got crafty (or went all nesting as some would call it) and made you a baby mobile that some questioned I’d actually finish… I did 😀

I got the idea from My First Baby blog, and while mine didn’t turn out quite as nice as hers (you’ll soon learn your mama’s not all that crafty) its got character – just like you will!

Your pops gave up his bike room haven and transformed it into the most beautiful owl/cycling themed baby room:

We’re still waiting for a photo of you to complete the barn window montage, and because you can’t see it, the bike stuff is on the other side 😀

We did a photo shoot to document your growth in my belly:

And now, the suitcase is packed, the car seat is ready to go, Ghostbusters is on the Mac, my mantras are ingrained in my head (I trust my body. My body is strong. I’ve run 2 marathons. I can do this.) and my in-labour visual has been selected:

I sure hope I don’t fling it at anyone!

Ready or not, my dear, sweet, impatient (don’t worry, you come by it naturally) thumb-sucking alien baby, here you come 😀

You say you want a revolution…

A resolution you will not get out of me today, nor yesterday – I don’t believe in them. I don’t like disappointment especially by my own hand, and resolutions (from my perspective at least) are a recipe for failure. I don’t care to experience that, never have. However, I do believe in the value of setting goals. And right now, I am without goals. Which sucks. Huge.

It’s been several years since I started a new year without a plan. Last year I had a second marathon in my sights, and the goal of being selected for the Tiffany’s half, as well as any other race that presented itself. The year prior, I was focused on the historic half and my first marathon. The year before that, it was to complete a half marathon without injury.

But on Sunday morning, as Big Ring and I were embarking on our first ever Revolution Run, it dawned on me that I had nothing. No training plans. No events scheduled. No races to fret over look forward to. Nothing. And that ugly feeling of emptiness sunk in.

An ice-cold wind met us head on on the morning of the Revolution Run.

Without goals, I fear for my health. I’m the kind of person, as competitive and driven as I am, who needs motivation, who needs that carrot dangling in front me to keep me going. But at this point, nothing is really standing out to me. I’m not keen on doing another marathon at this time, as I just don’t have the time to commit to such an adventure, and plus the memories of the last one are still somewhat fresh. Do I do another half? Do I do a 10 km? Do I try something different? I don’t know…

9 a.m. BG before: 14.0 (miscalculated breakfast bolus)
Temp. basal: 0 per cent (see above)
Distance: 5.90 km
Average pace: 6:08 min/km
Time: 34:15 minutes
10 a.m. BG after: 5.4

I may not have goals for myself in place yet, but I do for Big Ring. The same run it dawned on me that I had nothing, I announced to him by the end of year, he would be running 10 km – that was his goal. He looked at me a little incredulously but didn’t balk at it, nope, he just kept on running.

He calls it grim, I call it exciting.

Prior to Sunday’s Revolution Run (our own – free! – version of the Resolution Run) Big Ring had only run 5 km, which he had only just achieved last week. Yesterday, he made it to 5.60 km… although, with every new person he tells, the distance gradually gets longer and longer. I think by the time we left my parent’s New Year’s Day dinner last night, he was telling people he had run 23 km!!! Whatever keeps him going 😉

Excited for the distance… or the fact we were at the turnaround point?

And for me, the run was a great way to bring in the New Year. My legs felt awesome, my high BG didn’t affect me negatively, and the whole way my legs were begging me to go faster. The last 2.0 km, I let them, averaging about 5:15 min/km and topping out at a 3:51 min/km best pace. Yippee!!!

Do you have goals for the New Year?

The hangover

What now?

It’s been a week and a half since I last ran, which really isn’t that long at all, and yet, I feel kind of lost, like I have an emptiness in my belly… or legs, I should say. I see Facebook posts of girlfriends preparing for their next running adventures, I read blogs all about running, and magazines all about running, but I’m not running.

I don’t have a plan and I planned it that way. I’ve been training almost non-stop now for more than two years (aside from a couple months where I was recovering from injury) and I’ve felt for quite some time that I’ve needed a break from training. So, while my favourite running chicks were planning this run and that run, I purposely stayed quiet, I was not going to jump into anything new. I wanted a break and by golly I was going to get that break.

But now, I feel lost. It’s been a long time since I haven’t had a race in my sights. And my legs are aching to get out there, they want to run, but my brain and my social life desperately need the rest.

So, what now?

Clockwise from top: Goodlife Toronto Half, May 2011; Police Challenge (Brother-Sister 10k showdown) June 2011; Run for Water Marathon, May 2011; Portland Marathon, October, 2010.


  • 5 p.m. BG before: 7.3
  • Temp. basal: -100 per cent (1 hour)
  • Distance: 4 sets of 4 in the deep end with 1 long jog in between each set
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • 6:30 p.m. BG after: 5.4
  • Temp. basal: +50 per cent (1 hour)

Tonight’s aqua jogging with my most favourite ironchickie helped. After reading on the blog a few weeks ago about how I had done a few back-to-back all deep end laps in my last solo AJ session, she decided that’s what we’d be doing tonight. No wimping out. And you know, with that sweet New Zealand accent of hers, you just can’t say no – no matter if your legs are fatigued, or you’re gulping back Slurpee sized germ water, or your head’s going under, you keep going.

I’ve had a few people question whether aqua jogging can really be considered a sufficient exercise, some have even rolled their eyes at me, figuring it’s just a little walking here and there. Granted, if you don’t put the effort in, it can be a pretty slack endeavor. But tonight, both ironchickie (who’s like a super duper Ironman champion) and I were huffing and puffing between our non-stop chitter chatter fest.

I say proof is in the huff 😀