This day…

Note: this post technically should have been published yesterday, but, well, I’m a new mom and it seems nothing gets done on time these days… it’s within the weekend though, so it still counts 😉

On this day five years ago, I was doing this:

Paris: Kissing Oscar Wilde’s tombstone.

On this day three years ago, I was doing this:

Princess of Pavement’s Claustrophobic Half

On this day two years ago I was doing this:

Portland Marathon

On this day one year ago I was doing this:

Volunteering: Levi Leipheimer Gran Fondo

On this day today, I was doing this:

Walking along the boardwalk with my Little Ring snug against me.

Today – and everyday – I am thankful for my health, my running, my goals, my travels, my parents biannual stuffing, and most importantly, my beautiful family. Happy Thanksgiving!

6 responses to “This day…

  1. New Mom looks damn fine for suffering sleep deprivation. You think Portland was a marathon, ha!

  2. ….not freeman – but debb from his mac / just wanted to say that each cycle of our life brings us so many opportunities. me thinks you are someone who embraces all varieties of opportunity. and furthermore, i truly believe gratitude will get each of us through the night…

  3. This is the kind of post that just makes me want to smile! 🙂

  4. Hey, nice story.
    You still have the “narrative” touch!! 🙂

  5. What an AWESOME post!!!!!!
    was it really the same day all these years?
    I am so overly amazed. I love the pictures!

  6. thephilotherapist

    Oscar Wilde ❤

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