Daily Archives: June 23, 2010

Blame the shoes not the hills

So, just as I was beginning to concede the fact that I had gone all hill wimpy, due to the two-month running hiatus I took not too long ago, I learned tonight that that may actually not be the case at all, and that I could still, in fact, be the Contador (le sigh) of running!


For about a week and a half now I’ve been feeling an awful lot of tightness in my calves, kinda like how I imagine a boa constrictor would feel wrapping its coils tighter and tighter around me, and at first I thought maybe I had overdone it in the gym, which wouldn’t be all that unlikely given that I really have no idea what I’m doing in there, but then I thought for sure it was the New West hills – what else could it possibly be I lamented to myself, and pretty much anyone else who would listen, you guys included 😀

But tonight, two of my favourite mom-daughter running chicks informed me that it’s no coincidence the tightness showed up shortly after purchasing my Mizunos. Lori and Chelsey recently invested in a pair of Mizunos themselves (they got the exact same pair without realizing the other had bought the same pair too – and it’s not the first time they’ve done that! Now that’s a connection!). Their Mizunos are full support, while mine are heavy support. When I told them that it was taking a bit to get used to the supported heel (more aesthetically than anything else) they both told me that at first their Mizunos caused their feet to be a bit on the tender side post run – hey, that’s been happening to me too!And then later, when I was again lamenting over my tight calves, Chelsey piped up and said “It’s the shoes!”

I'm told that they will jiggle again 😉

Because there’s more of a heel in the more supported shoes, you’re actually running more on the balls of your feet than anything else, which is a good running technique according to those speedy Kenyans! And they both promised me that once the shoes were broken in – no more tight calves for me! I’ll so be smoking up those hills just you wait and see! Yay 😀


  • 6:15 p.m. BG before: 7.8 (2 GU chomps, no bolus) (temp basal -50 per cent)
  • Distance: 10 km tempo
  • Average pace: 6:32
  • Time: 1:05:27
  • 8 p.m. BG after: 7.1

I’m finding it a bit hard to digest a meal at 9 p.m. or later. How do you guys fit eating dinner into your evening training schedules?